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You are provided with a runtime api which provide basic information about the runtime environment

Runtime object gives you the following information

API Description
swiftbarVersion SwiftBar version number
swiftbarBuild SwiftBar build number
pluginsPath SwiftBar plugins directory path
selfPath Path of the plugin file being executed
osAppearance Enum - will be either Light or Dark
osVersion MacOS version


Runtime information will only be available when plugin is executed via SwiftBar

object MyPlugin extends PluginDsl {
  menu("my-plugin") {
    runtime match {
        case None => 
          text("Not running via swiftbar")
        case Some(r) if r.osVersion is OSVersion.BigSur =>
          text("this plugin does not work with BigSur")
        case Some(r) => 
          text(s"OS version: ${r.osVersion}")
          text(s"OS theme: ${r.osAppearance}")
          text(s"Plugin file: ${r.pluginFileName}")
OS version: 10.15.7
OS theme: Dark
Plugin file: myplugin.10m.bin


Depending on runtime info, plugin will be rendered differently

Not running via swiftbar
this plugin does not work with BigSur

OS Version#

There are some helpful functions available over runtime.osVersion

def is (version:OSVersion):Boolean
def isNot (version:OSVersion):Boolean
def < (version:OSVersion):Boolean
def <= (version:OSVersion):Boolean
def > (version:OSVersion):Boolean
def >= (version:OSVersion):Boolean

For example,

osVersion <= OSVersion.Catalina
osVersion > OSVersion.BigSur
osVersion isNot OSVersion.Catalina
osVersion is OSVersion.Catalina